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Let's get down to the nerdy. I love excel spreadsheets. And working in farmers markets means that we often work with spreadsheets - a lot. If you're dipping your toes into tracking vendor sales, insurance documents and so much more, this is where you can find some documents to get you started. 

Insurance Tracker

The Insurance tracker is a great tool to ensure you have all your ducks - or vendors - in a row. Although it's a bit of a task to set this up at the beginning of the season, once you have the majority of your information, it's a breeze. Utilize the sort function to easily navigate expired, expiring, or single day insurance documents.

Vendor Sales Tracker

Understanding what your market sales look like year after year can be a great tool to leverage with community stake-holders. This tool breaks down category sales, as well as increases or decreases to market sales.

Vendor Sales Slips


Themes and Bookings Tracker

Keep your market running smoothly with the Themes and Bookings tracker. This document is easy to add to if you'd like to track volunteers, buskers, on-site liaisons etc. 

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